How to Make a Simple Sofrito

The Simple Sofrito The Simple Sofrito is a powerful flavor ambassador.  One of the very first things that my mother taught me about cooking is to always start with a sofrito.  She said that my food would always be delicious if I started whatever I was doing with this magic concoction.  It seems like every Latino…… Continue reading How to Make a Simple Sofrito

Nopalito Salsa

Nopalito Salsa – Prickly Pear Cactus Salsa: Healthy, Tangy and Delicious Did you say nopalito salsa? Cactus salsa?  Yes, amiga, that’s what I said!  Okay, first let’s dispel the stereotype that all Latinos eat cactus.  They don’t.  (You saw it here first!) Nopalitos are of the prickly pear variety, and they are healthy and delicious,…… Continue reading Nopalito Salsa

Avocado Mojito Smoothie

Avocado Mojito Smoothie This seemingly random combination of ingredients actually works to make a delicious and nutritious pick-me-up! If you like melon and you like avocado, you will love this licuado.  The coconut water, lime juice and mint give it a mojito vibe. This smoothie is a great way to get your healthy fat in…… Continue reading Avocado Mojito Smoothie

Black Bean Tostada with Mexican Squash

These vegetarian tostadas ¡son muy sabrosas! These Black Bean Tostadas with Mexican Squash are tasty and easy. Get your tostada on! Here you will find different ways to get your tostada on. You can make your own tostadas in the oven. You can heat them up on the comal to the point of crispy, or…… Continue reading Black Bean Tostada with Mexican Squash