Jugo Verde: Mexican Green Juice

    My sister and I recently went to the City of Oaxaca, and it is always affirming for me to go to Mexico, but Oaxaca is just pure magic. Everything is so beautiful there — the textiles, the architecture, the pride of place, the colors, and of course, the food. We ate magnificently well…… Continue reading Jugo Verde: Mexican Green Juice

Tropical Infusion Smoothie

This Tropical Infusion Smoothie is a delicious treat, and a great way to get your fruit in for the day. At De Las Mías, we love our licuados and batidos! Smoothies have a long-standing tradition for Super Mujeres on-the-go all over Mexico and Latin America and now they are gaining ground in the USA.  And why…… Continue reading Tropical Infusion Smoothie

Avocado Mojito Smoothie

Avocado Mojito Smoothie This seemingly random combination of ingredients actually works to make a delicious and nutritious pick-me-up! If you like melon and you like avocado, you will love this licuado.  The coconut water, lime juice and mint give it a mojito vibe. This smoothie is a great way to get your healthy fat in…… Continue reading Avocado Mojito Smoothie