Cucumber and Jícama Salad

Cucumber and Jícama Salad: A Delicious Way to Eat Your Veggies At De Las Mías, we pride ourselves in bringing you the most delicious and simple ways of preparing and serving healthy Mexican foods! If you’ve been to Mexico, no doubt you came across the food carretas selling sliced jícama with lime and chilito. And…… Continue reading Cucumber and Jícama Salad

Watermelon Salad with Almonds, Tangy and Delicious

There is nothing like fresh watermelon to liven up your salad!  This quick and refreshing watermelon and almond salad is great by itself as a late afternoon snack, or paired with chicken, beef or pork. The tangy lime and chilito dressing gives it a nice satisfying punch. Keep it in mind for Meatless Mondays and…… Continue reading Watermelon Salad with Almonds, Tangy and Delicious