Cucumber and Jícama Salad

Cucumber and Jícama Salad: A Delicious Way to Eat Your Veggies

At De Las Mías, we pride ourselves in bringing you the most delicious and simple ways of preparing and serving healthy Mexican foods! If you’ve been to Mexico, no doubt you came across the food carretas selling sliced jícama with lime and chilito. And have you seen the cucumber served on a stick like a popsicle with what else but ¡chilito! a dash of salt and juicy lime. Almost anywhere you go in Mexico, you will see merchants selling fruits and vegetables. Yet, many of us have gotten away from these delicias. In the USA, we just don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables! Find cucumber and jícama at your local market.  Buy jícama already peeled and chopped if you want a short cut!

Jícama is rich in fiber

The jícama is known in some circles as the Mexican Potato. Who knew? And because the jícama is so rich in fiber, it is a very healthy carb! For that reason, this combination of green refreshing cucumber with the crunchy sensation of the jícama is simply an irresistible combo. Simple salads, or chunky salsas like this one are a great way to get into the habit of eating more veggies! Refreshing, quick and easy-to-make, this dish goes well with everything. Use it to top your taquitos and tostadas, or as a side dish. Pair it with carnitas, roasted chicken or fish. It also makes a great mid-afternoon snack. Add as much chilito as your heart desires, or go easy on it for the kiddos. Enjoy this tasty, spicy, crunchy treat and satisfy yourself on a culinary and cultural level ¡Provecho, Comadres!

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