Tropical Infusion Smoothie

This Tropical Infusion Smoothie is a delicious treat, and a great way to get your fruit in for the day. At De Las Mías, we love our licuados and batidos! Smoothies have a long-standing tradition for Super Mujeres on-the-go all over Mexico and Latin America and now they are gaining ground in the USA.  And why not?  What could be more delicious, healthy and quick than loading up your blender with fruits and veggies, watch it whirl, and enjoy?  No need for fancy equipment here!  This colorful Infusion will take you to the tropics!  What’s there not to like about mangoes, pineapple, papaya and strawberries?  This one calls for coconut water, but you can just add water, or a little bit of juice, or even yogurt!  Whatever combo works for you works!

My own preference is to blend the heck out of it with ice on a hot summer day.  I even infuse it with a shot of jalapeño juice, because, for me, everything goes better with chilito!

Our mera mera nutritionist Malena recommends that you pair it with protein.  So how about a piece of whole grain toast with avocado to go with it?  Or a handful of cashews or almonds to give it a protein punch?



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