Healthy Eating Plan: Poquito de Todo

De Las Mías is not a diet club. It is a community of Latinas who support each other to have a healthier life. ¡Unidas for a Healthy Life! means you are in this community because you want to be healthy and not just thin. A healthy life starts with a healthy eating plan.

Our research has shown that women who strive to make changes because they want to be healthy are more successful than those who strive to make changes because they want to be thin.

We also know that giving up certain foods, like your Grandma’s tortillas, is only going to make you feel deprived and “hangry”. So have a tortilla—just don’t have three!

At De Las Mías we believe that moderation is key to health—that’s why we abide by the “Un poquito de todo” philosophy.

A Healthy Eating Plan Means A Little of Everything

Throughout De Las Mías you will see that we are all about moderation. “Poquito de todo,” means “a little of everything.”

We want you to be healthy, and make healthy changes over time. We don’t want you to feel deprived or have forbidden foods — “comidas prohibidas.” At De Las Mías we’re all about enjoying food, not giving up your beloved foods and customs.

We believe that we can be healthy and strong without being overly focused on being skinny. Getting compulsive around being “good” and being “bad” is just plain silly. Food is good. Life is good. The way to get healthier is to make small changes over time, while enjoying all the foods that bring you pleasure.

It is so much better to have half of a sopapilla, then have no sopapilla. It is so much better to eat half of that giant bowl of green chile stew your grandma just placed in front of you than to deprive yourself of its deliciousness. This is soul food we’re talking about, comadres, and we don’t want you to give it up. We just want you to make “un poquito” de changes, not give up the whole enchilada.

Embrace our “un poquito de todo” way of life and you will be healthier and happier. Let “everything in moderation,” be your way of life.

Ready to put the “Un poquito de todo” philosophy into action? Try our 9-step healthy eating plan, by our resident nutritionist, Madrina Malena.

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