There is nothing like fresh watermelon to liven up your salad!  This quick and refreshing watermelon and almond salad is great by itself as a late afternoon snack, or paired with chicken, beef or pork. The tangy lime and chilito dressing gives it a nice satisfying punch. Keep it in mind for Meatless Mondays and serve it with a cheese quesadilla or black bean tostadas.

We love the almonds for a nice crunch, and a dash of plant-based protein, but if you don’t have almonds in your pantry, it works very well without the nuts.  I didn’t have almonds the other day for my book group potluck, and it was still delicious!  I kept it to 3 ingredients: the watermelon, the cilantro and the queso fresco.  The dressing with the lime, olive oil, a little salt and chilito was a huge hit.

This beautiful red, green and white salad is a great way to feed your daily fruit and veggie habit!

Comadre Gracie packs it for lunch and keeps it chilled in the office fridge.  Just make sure you put a post-it on it with your name or else it might disappear!

Makes 6 cups. 1 serving = 1 cup.