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Self-Monitoring: A Powerful Tool for Change

21 May / 2019


De Las Mías iOS app with tacos


Self-monitoring is one of the most powerful tools you can use when you are trying to get to a healthier weight.  Self-monitoring is simply paying attention to what you’re doing and keeping track of it. You can use self-monitoring to improve your eating habits, track your physical activity, becoming more aware of your moods – you can even track how you’re spending your money. Self-monitoring gives you power.

Self-Monitoring puts you in the KNOW! At De Las Mías we like to say, ¡Saber es poder! Knowledge is power.

If you are trying to make healthy changes, self-monitoring puts you in the driver’s seat.


The De Las Mías app offers you several bilingual self-monitoring tools:

  • A digital food log (Also includes a mood tracker)
  • A healthy lifestyle checklist
  • And an activity tracker


Let’s talk more about the De Las Mías food log and how to make it work for you! Thanks to your input, there are certain features in our food log that are different from what you find in others:

  • Our’s is in Spanish and English!
  • It comes with a nifty little mood tracker.
  • And it syncs with the De Las Mías recipes.


To make the food log even easier to use in your day-to-day routine our certified nutritionist, la mera mera Malena Perdomo, came up with a great idea: a meal plan that uses De Las Mías recipes that you can track directly in the food log. If you choose your meals from the many delicious recipes in La Cocina, all you have to do is click the recipe, and abra cadabra, it magically appears in your food log.  

Malena works with hundreds of women all over the country in her own practice as well as helping us create delicious, healthy De Las Mías recipes. “Many of the women I work with want a simple approach to eating healthier. I help them by giving them a menu to follow for the week,” says Malena. So we asked Malena to prepare a 3-day De Las Mías meal plan for you. We call it, Tres Días of De Las Mías!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Go shopping or search your pantry for the ingredients listed in Tres Días of De Las Mías!
  2. Try the plan for 3 days, logging the recipes as you go.
  3. And let us know how it goes!


If you like it, send us your email and we will send you a 5 day plan from the De Las Mías Cocina.

All our Mexican, Southwestern and New Mexican recipes align with the highest standards set by the USDA as heart healthy and good for you! Our recipes are developed by our Test Kitchen Chef, Lori Matiella-Murray, in Saguarita, Arizona and then Malena analyzes them in her kitchen in Denver, Colorado. And todo la comida of De Las Mías is tried, tested and approved by Latinas just like you!

¡Buen Provecho!


Tres Días of De Las Mías

Day 1

Watermelon spinach salad

Breakfast: Spinach Scramble with Queso fresco (140cals)

Lunch: Watermelon and almond salad (130cals) and Enfrijoladas de Pollo (400cals)  

Dinner: Tuna tacos (330 cals) and nopalitos salsa (1cup 40cals)

Total calories for the day: 1,040

Day 2

Spicy cauliflower

Breakfast: Quesadilla with eggs and chipotle  (250cals)

Lunch:  Turkey taco salad (320 cals)

Dinner:  Spicy cauliflower (60cals)

Roasted chicken (190 cals)

Lori’s quinoa Jalapeño Salad (220cals)

Total calories for the day: 1,040


Day 3

Mexican oatmeal with strawberries

Breakfast: Old fashioned Mexican Oatmeal (90cals)  Mango banana smoothie (180 cals)

Lunch: Shrimp and veggie taquitos (230cals) with pico de gallo salsa (1/2 recipe: 55cals)

Dinner: Poblano chicken soup (140 cals)  Arroz verde (150 cals)

Total calories for the day: 845


We kept the calorie count low on purpose to encourage you to add some healthy snacks, such as your 2 frutas al día, a handful of almonds with a crispy apple, some hummus and veggies, a quick licuado or gazpacho in the afternoon slump.

See our 9 Steps Healthy Eating Plan for more ideas on how to embark on a healthier life.

¡Unidas for a Healthy Life!





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