Healthy Changes: Don’t Go It Alone—Tell Your Comadre

Making healthy changes isn’t easy—it takes commitment and hard work.. The good news is: you don’t have to go it alone. Starting a new healthy lifestyle journey is much easier with a comadre by your side. Keep in mind that it is even better if your comadre is also on a healthy lifestyle journey.

You’ve told yourself, “I am ready to make this change.” ¡Estás lista!

Now it’s time to take the extra step and tell your comadre you’re ready. The experts tell us it is important to tell another person we’re ready to make a change. This increases our commitment and the chances of success!

Now’s the time! ¡Ahora es cuando! Turn to your comadre, sister, friend, mom or madrina and tell her, “I’m ready to make a change. This is my plan. Will you help me stay on track?”

Okay, you assessed and declared that you’re ready, you’ve told a comadre and now you make the necessary preparations! Just like you take out the utensils, the bowls and the ingredients to prep for a meal, you have to prep to take action.

Ask yourself, What do I need to make this change?

Try this:

  1. Identify the change you want to make.
  2. Declare yourself ready.
  3. Make a plan. (Write it down.)
  4. Share it with your comadre!
  5. It helps to tell her how you want her to help: Give me an ¡Eso! when I meet my goal. Go with me on my daily walk. Call me in a week if I haven’t called you.

We’ve written plans to commit to healthy changes plenty of times over the years. Here’s an example of one that works well when you’re starting a new healthy lifestyle. Feel free to make it your own!

An Easy Plan for Committing to Healthy Changes

This is the small change I would like to make: I would like to eat fruit instead of cookies when I watch TV.

To get ready I need to:

  1. Buy oranges.
  2. Keep them in a bowl by the TV.
  3. Call my comadre and tell her my plan. (Increase your chance of success by setting a start date!)
  4. Commit to check in with her at the end of the week whether I make it or not.
  5. If I don’t meet my goal, I promise to try again.

¡Adelante! You are on your way to making healthy changes, one small step at a time.

Buena Suerte, Comadre! We wish you luck as you make your commitment to healthy changes. To get into action, follow the De Las Mías ¡Un Poquito de Todo Philosophy!

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