Finding a Positive Path to Wellness with the Right Community

The start of something tasty

When Yesi heard there was a new health and fitness community, she immediately wanted to discover how De Las Mias could help her achieve a more balanced life. She was even more excited to find a wellness community for Latinas, by Latinas.

Yesi began to imagine a support system that would show her how to cook for herself, how to finally enjoy some of the recipes her mom had shared but she never had the time or confidence to make. She felt hopeful that this community could unlock a world of possibilities to the healthy life she had been wanting for years.

The Struggle to Commit Without a Support Team

Before Yesi discovered the De Las Mias community, she found it difficult to stick to a healthy routine. She had every intention to meet fitness and dietary goals, but without a support team to hold her accountable, life got too busy and her goals slipped away.

“Busyness is always my excuse. I’m never in one place for long, and I don’t ever have a consistent schedule. I tell myself I don’t have time to exercise or eat healthy today. But I think we can prioritize and set aside the time to be healthier.”

Determined to make a change, Yesi worked with a fitness coach who showed her workouts and a diet based on her specific needs and goals. However, regularly meeting with a coach was a huge time commitment that proved to be difficult to maintain.

Next Yesi turned to fitness apps to help her track goals and progress. Only not all of Yesi’s friends could afford the apps, so she was missing the support system she needed to stay motivated. De Las Mias was a free community of like-minded women where Yesi, her friends and family — even her Zumba group — could come together to offer and share support for one another.

Developing a Healthy Routine with a Trusted Community

Accountability and support were key components for Yesi’s journey, and the opportunity to discuss health and fitness with a trusted community provided benefits for months to come. Yesi found that support from her comadres and madrinas gave her the consistent reminder she needed to keep going, helping her stick to a healthy routine that flourished within a close-knit community she could depend on.

“As Latina women, we look for support in other women. People are so busy, especially in the United States, and it’s hard to find a community. Where we live in a rural area, you can’t just walk down the street to see one of your amigas. Even though De Las Mias is virtual, you still have that support.”

Being able to share recipes with other Latina women was a refreshing change from the other apps Yesi had used. She was able to plan and prepare healthier versions of meals she loved, like a Tex-Mex salad she could eat on the go.

Inspiration from the community was contagious and Yesi couldn’t keep it to herself. She told her mom about De Las Mias, including the goals she had set, and they made plans to start taking regular walks together. It was a need they both were searching to fulfill — and they had found the answer in each other, along with other Latinas in their newly expanded family.

Prioritizing Well-Being for a Balanced Life

Yesi’s potential was waiting beneath the surface, she just needed the right group of women around to help her see it. De Las Mias showed Yesi that the answer could be found in places and people she already had in her life—and that there were people close to her, like her mom, who needed this new positive path as much as she did.

“I rarely have time to sit down with my mom to learn the recipes that she makes. So, it was really cool to learn about my food and culture from other people—and be healthy about it.”

As Yesi made healthier choices, stress became more manageable. She enjoyed the benefits of more energy and better sleep, along with the strengthening of existing relationships. Making more time to reconnect with her mom on their walks was an unexpected and cherished reward for both women.

Like many of us, Yesi understood busyness was the trap she had to be careful of falling into. By taking the necessary steps to prioritize her well-being, a balanced lifestyle and healthier relationships became a reality that Yesi now experiences every day.

¡Unidas for a Healthy Life!


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