En Tus Manos Portion Control

An important part of having a healthy lifestyle comes down to portion sizes. Luckily, easy portion control is possible when you have a better understanding of what the right serving size looks like..

At De Las Mías we believe that moderation is key to health—that’s why we abide by the “Un poquito de todo” philosophy. Eat a little of everything. Watch those portion sizes.

Not sure what the right portion is? You are not alone! We hear this question a lot, and we have a a simple portion chart we love to share with our comadres.

In the kitchen, you have spices, ingredients, produce, and meat. The amounts you choose can really add up, so it’s helpful to visualize what a healthy portion looks like. This doesn’t have to be hard: you can use your own two hands to get the serving size right!

For example:

  • 3-4 oz. meat, fish or poultry = size of your palm
  • 1 tsp. oil, butter or mayonnaise = size of your thumbnail
  • 1 oz. tortilla or other chips, crackers = size of 2 cupped hands
  • 1-2 tbsp crema, salad dressing or queso fresco= size of your thumb
  • ½ cup beans, rice, potatoes, pasta = size of 1 cupped hand
  • 1 cup soups, fruits, vegetables, salad = size of closed fist

Need a visual? You’re in luck. We created this portion control chart to guide you on your healthy journey.

A Visual Guide to Easy Portion Control

Easy portion control is possible when you follow the “Un poquito de todo” philosophy. Use this En Tus Manos portion control chart as a guide any time you need a helping hand.

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