Latin American Style Smoothies: Easy and Quick Licuados and Batidos

Latin American Style Smoothies Licuados and batidos are a daily staple of traditional Mexican and Latin American life. And like many other good things from our motherlands, they have happily found a place in Los Yunaides (Mexican slang for United States). In the U.S., licuados have morphed into smoothies, kind of like burritos became “wraps.”…… Continue reading Latin American Style Smoothies: Easy and Quick Licuados and Batidos

Corn Salsa

Corn salsa with nectarines?  Really?  Yes, and it is delicious.  I have made this salsa for pot lucks and also made it the night before of an overbooked day, because there is nothing like getting home hungry and tired and finding something healthy and delicious.  At De Las Mías we are all about adopting new…… Continue reading Corn Salsa

Traditional and Healthy Frito Pie

Frito Pie is one of those Southwest Chicano inventions that would make a traditional Mexican chef like Diane Kennedy cringe, but it is one of the most kid-friendly, festive and delicious stews you can eat in the street or in your own home. New Mexicans and Texans fight over who invented this famous concoction on…… Continue reading Traditional and Healthy Frito Pie

Watermelon Salad with Almonds, Tangy and Delicious

There is nothing like fresh watermelon to liven up your salad!  This quick and refreshing watermelon and almond salad is great by itself as a late afternoon snack, or paired with chicken, beef or pork. The tangy lime and chilito dressing gives it a nice satisfying punch. Keep it in mind for Meatless Mondays and…… Continue reading Watermelon Salad with Almonds, Tangy and Delicious

Tropical Infusion Smoothie

This Tropical Infusion Smoothie is a delicious treat, and a great way to get your fruit in for the day. At De Las Mías, we love our licuados and batidos! Smoothies have a long-standing tradition for Super Mujeres on-the-go all over Mexico and Latin America and now they are gaining ground in the USA.  And why…… Continue reading Tropical Infusion Smoothie

¡Salsa First!

Salsa Con Todo There is an old saying that my Tía Paqui, one of my madrinas, used to say when she cooked up a good salsa: “¡Más vale la salsa que los chicharrones!” (The salsa is worth more than the chicharrones.) Dichos are wonderful little bits of wisdom and at De Las Mías, we love…… Continue reading ¡Salsa First!

Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Grilled Pineapple Salsa – ¡Que cosa tan rica!  This is a delicious salsa! Who knew that fruit salsas would become so popular? Most of us Mexicans grew up with las salsas madres of México, right?  Those are the classic, tomato, chile, onion and cilantro variety, and they are a staple on our tables, and in our…… Continue reading Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Nopalito Salsa

Nopalito Salsa – Prickly Pear Cactus Salsa: Healthy, Tangy and Delicious Did you say nopalito salsa? Cactus salsa?  Yes, amiga, that’s what I said!  Okay, first let’s dispel the stereotype that all Latinos eat cactus.  They don’t.  (You saw it here first!) Nopalitos are of the prickly pear variety, and they are healthy and delicious,…… Continue reading Nopalito Salsa