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Calladitas No More

19 September / 2018


It starts with the old dicho, “Calladita me veo más bonita.” Now there’s an old salt that needed to be re-written. Calladita me veo más bonita is one of those dichos of subtle and not so subtle oppression that has been part of our Latina narrative for centuries. “You look prettier when you’re quiet.” Sit in the corner nodding and smiling while others with more authority have the floor. When someone says something that offends you, just smile and look pretty. That’s the nugget of wisdom encased in that dicho, and one that is probably pretty familiar to you if you grew up Latina.

You can imagine my joy when my sister, Lori, and I walked into the #WeAllGrow Latina Summit in Long, Beach last March, and saw banners emblazoned all over the space with “Calladitas No More.”  

We laughed out loud when we saw it remembering our Tía Chiqui who says that every time someone asks her a question about politics. But times have changed for us, comadres, and we don’t need to be quiet any more. Seize the day–“Ahora es cuando.”  

What does “Calladitas No More” mean to you? There are so many Latinas out there in our crazy world living the “Calladitas No More” life. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. For our Comadres at Mamás con Poder, Calladitas No More means advocating for the rights of immigrant children. @mamasconpoder
  2. For our Comadres at #WeAllGrow Latina, it means volunteering to be a translator for immigrant parents that are trying to find their children. @weallgrowlatina
  3. For our body positive super mujeres, it means speaking truth to The Beauty Myth power. @rosiemolinary
  4. For every day moms who are tired of the schools feeding your children junk, it means walking into the principal’s office and requesting that they feed your children healthier food which includes, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. For those of us who are struggling to improve the way we eat, it means telling our families that we are trying to eat more healthfully and appreciate leaving the chicharrones in the car.
  6. For your beloved Tía who insists on you having that third tamal, it means you give yourself permission to say, “No gracias, Tía. I already had two.”
  7. For the guy at work that rubs against you every time he passes by your workstation, it means speaking up to him directly if it’s safe, or asking for help from an ally if it’s not. #metoocabron


Calladitas No More is an empowering dicho to keep in mind every time you turn away from standing up for yourself and speaking your truth. You don’t have to do that anymore. You can stand up and speak out.

Please share with us some of your “Calladitas No More” moments.


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