Black Bean Tostada with Mexican Squash

These vegetarian tostadas ¡son muy sabrosas! These Black Bean Tostadas with Mexican Squash are tasty and easy.

Get your tostada on!

Here you will find different ways to get your tostada on. You can make your own tostadas in the oven. You can heat them up on the comal to the point of crispy, or if you’re feeling lazy or rushed, you can just use the ones that come in EL PAQUETITO. Yes, that’s right, sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do. If you have a hungry crew ready for dinner, just use the packaged ones. We won’t tell! And remember, corn is a whole grain, and we want you to eat more whole grains!

This is a delish concoction of black beans and calabacitas, aka Mexican squash. It calls for canned tomatoes. We suggest Rotel™ although we are not sponsored by them. They just have an honorary place in our pantry for those days when you have to throw something together quick.

The combo of sautéed squash, onion and tomato with the black beans is hardy with plant protein and packed full of flavor. The added queso fresco and cilantro add a nice touch and don’t forget to punch it up with your favorite salsa. We have several salsas for your culinary pleasure. So knock yourself out and make yourself, your honey, Viejo, Vieja, Kiddoes, or whoever is at your table, a healthy dinner!

We love tostadas because the basic street tostada is just as simple as a crispy corn tortilla, a good spread of beans, refried, or just mashed without the extra fat, a few morsels of your favorite meat: carnitas, ground turkey, turkey chorizo, or tofu, if you must, and a robust serving of shredded lettuce, tomatoes, sliced radishes or whatever fresh veggie your heart desires. You got queso fresco? Throw some on there! A little of this and a little of that and you’ve got yourself a Mexican feast,¡Comadre!

¡Qué viva México y que vivan las tostadas!

¡Buen Provecho!


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