Lori’s Adobo Seasoning

Lori’s Adobo Seasoning is a delicious and healthy alternative to store-bought adobo sauces, like the ones you could buy from Goya, once upon a time.  These processed Adobo Sauces are full of salt and we know what sodium can do to our bodies. Adobo, literally means marinade and it originated in Spain.  But many Latino cultures and our Filipino comadres and compadres have a long tradition of making all kinds of adobo.  There are muchas maneras to make adobo, and this is just one! Carne adovada from New Mexico uses a red chile sauce for its adobo.  Adobo in the Yucatan often has bitter orange juice.  Many adobos also have soy sauce, believe it or not. So, adobo is truly a multicultural adventure that comes from our roots and not from a jar or a can. Show us your chops, Comadres and make your own adobo!  Oh yeah, Lori’s adobo seasoning is great on pork chops!  And if you want to make a sauce out of it, start by making a roux, that is a mixture of equal amounts of fat with equal amounts of flour…Please use olive oil or avocado oil instead of lard! But if you must use lard, or butter, go easy on it.  We want you healthy and strong!  Provecho!

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